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Cryogenic Liposuction– The New Liposuction Technique

In recent years, the developments in cosmetic procedures have been continuing at a rapid pace. One of the sectors in cosmetic surgery that has indeed shown a major spurt forward is in the liposuction. One particular sector of this important branch in cosmetic surgery comes under the heading of cryogenic liposuction. What makes it particularly appealing to many is it offers a reasonable alternative to laser liposuction.

The principal difference between the two procedures is that in laser liposuction, or laser lipolysis as is sometimes known, by utilizing a specially calibrated laser the cosmetic surgeon carried out the process of liquefying fat that lies just below beneath the skin’s surface. During the procedure, the excess fat is, to all intents and purposes, liquefied, making it easy to remove through a very small opening in the skin. While this procedure is highly effective, it really achieves its best results when the pockets of fat that need to be moved relatively small.

Cryogenic liposuction can produce excellent results by more or less working in reverse. Where the laser procedure heats up the bodies of fat in order to dissipate them, the cryogenic liposuction procedure involves the transfer of cooling cryogenic energy that is injected painlessly into the person being treated’s body through a probe. The inclusion of the cryogenic energy will then stimulate a form of reaction. This reaction has been designed to cause the body’s natural defenses to act by sending anti-inflammatory responses over a specific area that will virtually jump-start  the lymphatic system to begin to naturally dissipate the layers of fat irrespective of how large or small they  are.

That’s what makes the Cryolipolysis procedure preferable over laser lipolysis which has proven to be effective for relatively large pockets of fat.

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